IAQ Tips

1. Procedures to improve IAQ:
  a eliminate the pollution sources
  b increase ventilation and install exhaust utility
  c install air cleaners to filter these contaminants
2. Usual practices to reduce the indoor contaminants:
  a avoid smoking
  b use less consumer products with volatile organic compounds, eg detergent, hair spray, adhesive & paint
  c keep the premises clean and dry
  d maintain good ventilation with sufficient fresh air supply
  e keep the temperature at 23-36 degree in summer and 20-24 degree in winter, the relative humidity at 40-70%
  f use construction materials, furniture and carpet with less volatile organic compounds
  g move in new furniture or bring in clothes after dry cleaning only when they have been 'air out' adequatly
  h install air cleaners
3. How to select the best / suitable air cleaners
  a identify the contaminants and choose suitable air cleaners
  b choose an air cleaner with greater filtering efficiency (eg. 99.9% is better than 90%), and which can filter smaller particle (eg. 0.01 micron is better than 0.3 micron)
  c use an air cleaner with adequate air flow capacity so as to provide sufficient air change where the air change is between 4 and 15 per hour according ASHRAE standard
  d choose a HEPA or an electronic/electrostatic air cleaner with a larger surface area of HEPA filter or dust collection plate respectively, otherwise, they have to be replaced or washed frequently
  e ionizers may produce significant amount of ozone and contaminate the table or wall nearby
  f consider the replacement cost and life of filters, and the energy consumption of air cleaners
  g in long term, electronic/electrostatic air cleaners are more economic and environmental-friendly compared with air cleaners with conventional filters
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