• The term "Purchasing Date" refers to the delivery date, nevertheless, if the EAC(s) was /were installed by EHKL.
    Purchasing Date will mean installation date.
  • In each Ultrasonic Cleaning Service, qualified technicians of EHKL will visit the Customer and carry with appropriate parts [cleaned and inspected electronic cell(s) and pre-filter(s)] and replace the existing parts for the EAC(s) mentioned above. The dirty parts will be taken to our workshop for Ultrasonic cleaning. EHKL will maintain the electronic cell(s) and pre-filter(s) in good condition all the time or replace it / them (free of charge) if necessary.
  • In this Guarantee and Comprehensive Maintenance Service, EHKL will provide free checking and repairing service as well as free replacement of parts except those mentioned in Condition F. This service is free of charge for the first year starting from the Purchasing Date.
  • EHKL will provide the appropriate carbon filter(s) and perform the changing service once Replacement Service
    for carbon Filter(s) is joined. It is normally performed during Ultrasonic Cleaning Service.


  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Services does not apply for parts other than the electronics cell(s) and pre-filter(s), for example, the door and casing of EAC(s) unless it is mentioned in the previous "Other Cleaning / Special Service".
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Service will not be provided for the Customer who had installed EAC(s) by themselves but did not follow the instructions stated in the manual.
  • The first year warranty and Guarantee and Comprehensive Maintenance Service becomes void and null if:
    (a) EAC(s) has been damaged, under misuse, mis-installation by the Customer or negligence accident.
    (b) It has been modified, altered and / or repaired by persons other than technician of EHKL.
    (c) EAC(s) was / were not used in Hong Kong.
  • All service are provided within office hour between 10:00am and 2:00pm Monday to Friday
    (Saturdays & Sundays and public holidays excluded).
  • The Customer should inform EHKL by letter if there is any change of Customer details or location of EAC.
  • Free replacement of parts mentioned in Guarantee and Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement under normal usage except:
    (a) electronic cell and pre-filter (unless Ultrasonic Cleaning Service is joined).
    (b) door or casing because of contamination.
    (c) Infrared Remote Control
  • If the Agreement is terminated by EHKL before its expiry date, a refund will be made for any unexpired portion.
    If the customer terminates the Agreement no refund will be made.
  • EHKL will not be liable for any loss direct or consequential arising from breakdown of EAC(s).
  • The Customer should keep this Agreement property and may need to submit if necessary.
  • This agreement is not transferable.
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