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Honeywell Has A Serious Remedy For Your Indoor Air Pollution Problems

We spend Over 80% of our time in indoor and what factors are affecting our Indoor Air Quality ?

- Office equipment, furniture, carpet, photocopying machine exhaustion smokes and others; ie dust mites, odor, bacteria & pollen.
- Polluted HVAC system
- Building occupants are highly dense

Randon, Formaldehyde & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) such as benzene, toluene, xylene, etc, which are the radioactive gas & by products comes out from concrete building material, furniture, adhesive, coating material, furniture, adhesive, coating material & painting respectively. This may cause cancer or icidence of lung cancer.

Honeywell - Just Beyond Your Need

Our Air filtration Systems eliminate up to 95% of the allergens, dust and smoke you've been breathing for too long. Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners are applicable to all places such as conference rooms, offices, bars and restaurant etc...



Polluted air is drawn into the electostatic cell by a fan and passed into the first stage - the ionisation stage. A high voltage is applied to the stream of air which charges the particles of contamination. The air then passes into the collection stage of the cell where the particles are attracted to oppositely charged plates in much the same way as iron fillings are attracted to a magnet. The cleaned air is then recirculated back into the room.

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